28 March, 2015

Adding new content

Thank you to everyone who has followed this site and especially to those who have subscribed. Although this site is not going to disappear any time soon, we have established a new site and will be posting new content on there. We will also be looking at improving how you can subscribe and receive updates […]

God and Government

Questions are regularly asked about the role of God and Faith in politics.  Many people assert that the two should be kept firmly separate. There are also different models of Government, and their relationship to the church. However, regardless of the particular model of Government we found the attached article to be well thought through […]

Royal Lessons.. and Wise Men..

Royal Lessons.. and Wise Men.. Have you ever given much thought to the “Three Wise Men” at Christmas?  So much legend has grown up around them, that it’s quite difficult to separate what we know from what we think we know these days.  For example, I suspect there are three, of varying ethnicities, presenting gift […]

How Great Is Our God – Louie Giglio

At My Bible Study Online we loved this video, and we hope that you do too. From Atlanta, Georgia, Louie demonstrates the awesome, indescribable size of the sun, our galaxy, our universe….   and the absolute incomprehensibility of our God. From the incomprehensibily large, he then moves on to the invisibly small and describes one of […]

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